There may be times that an organization has teams located at different fields and they may or may not be playing at the same time.  TYFA will make every effort to try and avoid this or at least reduce as much inconvenience as possible but there is no guarantee.  

When developing the schedules extensive consideration will go to the needs of the traveling teams (those traveling the farthest vs local).

Due to the logistical and time constraints that impact the scheduling of the post-season; once the playoff schedules have been established, they cannot and will not be changed! Scheduling conflicts of volunteers and/or athletes will NOT be given any special considerations. Remember, the playoffs affect thousands of participants, not just one or the few.

Playoff games will take place on either Saturdays or Sundays depending on the playoff schedule. We understand that many people believe Sunday is God’s day, and though we do not disagree, we are on a limited timeline to get all the games played prior to Christmas.  Games are guaranteed to be played Saturday and Sunday for Semifinals and the State Championships