Simply put,

ALL teams with a (.501) or better winning percentage are guaranteed a playoff bid.

Teams with a (.500) winning percentage are “on the bubble” and may make the playoffs to round out the brackets if necessary. 

Teams with a (.499) or less winning percentage will not compete in the playoffs UNLESS enough teams above them elect to NOT participate in the playoffs. 

The number of teams taken in each age bracket is not really set.  The brackets are determined based on the number of winning records teams and the least amount of non-winning record teams we have to take to still complete in 6 weeks.

In determining which teams .500 or less will be accepted to round out the brackets, the following procedure will be followed.

  • Winning percentage (in other words .500 beats .375)
  • If teams have the same winning percentage then Head-To-Head is considered
  • If teams never played, then the Algorithm developed for TYFA by a tenured Math Professor from Trinity University will be used
  • If in the rare occurrence the math is tied, a coin will be flipped

Click for a more detailed explanation of The Algorithm

Other than as a last resort for cosmetic sorting on the website, points are NEVER EVER used for ANY determination of Making the playoffs or Seeding within the playoffs.