TYFA organizations are encouraged to incorporate a cheer program alongside their football program for the spring and fall season. TYFA’s cheer program's primary focus is to encourage our volunteers to teach cheer athletes the importance of communication, teamwork, motivation, responsibility, respect, and discipline. Communication comes from both vocal and body language which is very important not only by showing support for their football team with cheers and chants, but very critical for their own safety. Teamwork is especially important because it’s NOT a one person show; it takes a team of individuals to work collaboratively. We believe that cheer is a form of art and athleticism promoting physical endurance, building strength, exhibiting passion and excitement.

Cheer Coaches
FunFact - All cheer coaches are volunteers.
The benefits of our cheer program is that TYFA mandates for all cheer coaches to go through YCADA Training.  YCADA provides standardized universal governance guidelines with educational courses over youth rules, rules interpretation, scoresheets, and scoring guidelines all while promoting safety awareness and training with a vast amount of resources related to youth cheer, dance, and spirit-related activities.

They learn to plan for seasonal success and it all takes hard work from preseason to end of year banquet.

TYFA Spirit Cheer & Dance
FunFact - TYFA cheerleading is not all about competition!
It is true that although TYFA Cheer does promote heavily for organizations to participate in TYFA’s State Cheer Competition in the Fall, it is all about spiriting at the games. We dedicate ourselves to ensure that our cheer/dance athletes have fun, enjoy themselves every weekend cheering and supporting their football teams. Every cheerleader will experience and learn that cheer can be and is fun, but most importantly it will bring out the best in them. Practicing 2 to 3 days every week, pouring their hearts, learning techniques and building up strength will instill hard work, dedication, responsibility, teamwork, and respect for one another.

There is nothing more important than experiencing the crowd craze with the cheerleaders chanting and cheering on the crowd DEFENSE!! DEFENSE!! or WAY TO GO OFFENSE, WAY TO GO!!  or WE ARE PROUD OF YOU, YES WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!!  

Come rain or shine, our cheer athletes will be ready!

TYFA State Cheer & Dance Competition
FunFact - All athletes deserve a time to shine and be awarded for their hard work.
While it is not mandatory for all cheer programs to participate in TYFA’s annual state competition, we do highly encourage it.  We believe it is the most important event of the cheerleading season.

TYFA’s competition offers the opportunity to showcase their routine. Unlike cheer, football teams have eight or more 2 hour games to utilize their skills, perform and get it right. Cheer squads have only 2 minutes 30 seconds to showcase and get it right, no 2nd, 3rd, or 4th downs. We focus on catering to all our youth ages, co-ed, and allow athletes to partake in both football and cheer at the same time. We follow the YCADA structured categories (show cheer, sideline performance, dance) but TYFA also added other categories (Mascot, Tinies, I-D-T-Q [individual-duo-trio-quad] and Parent Performances) , allowing for teams to showcase their skill levels in the proper category, and offering a vast number of division age brackets to participate in.

No one can be left behind if one is willing to put in the extra work.