The Fall season is more competitive than the Spring season. 


  • The Fall season is "Organization" based meaning the first 4 age brackets must participate.
  • In the Fall Organizations must be a TYFA member.  


  • Eligibility of an athlete is determined as of 8/1/current year.   


  • In the Fall there are 8 regular season games and 6 weeks of postseason playoffs.
  • Flag, Tykes and Rookies are 10-minute quarters while the Juniors and Seniors are 12-minute quarters.  Semi-running clock.
  • Organizations are split into Division 1 and Division 2.
  • During the regular season there may be travel between a major city and the surrounding towns. Gate fees may be charged. And games may be played on Sundays!
  • During the playoffs there will be travel across the state, gate fees will be charged and games may be played on Sundays!