For Tackle Football TYFA uses a combination of the NCAA rules and a set of "home grown" rules that are modifications to the NCAA set and provide the unique rules to TYFA.  TYFA uses their own set of rules for Flag.

TYFA has 2 seasons, Spring and Fall.  Each is slightly different and are explained in the appropriate Structure menu item on the right.

TYFA has 5 eligible age brackets which are available to both Boys and Girls with no discrimination against their size or weight. 

Eligibility is determined by what age an athlete will be on 8/1/current year

Age Bracket Age Notes
Flag 4-5 3 if 4 on or before 8/1/current year
Tykes 6-7 5 if 6 on or before 8/1/current year
Rookie 8-9 7 if 8 on or before 8/1/current year* 
Junior 10-11 9 if 10 on or before 8/1/current year*
Senior 12-13 11 if 12 on or before 8/1/current year*

* An athlete 7, 9 or 11 can play up 1 age bracket.  A 5 cannot play up and a 3 that will be 3 on 8/1 cannot play up to be with the Flags.