The “Joey Teague” Volunteer of the Year Award was established by TYFA to recognize and bring to attention the many volunteers who help make TYFA one of the Premier leagues in Texas and service their community through heartfelt passion, enthusiastic commitment and a contagious spirit.


In order to qualify for this award a volunteer must be a TYFA certified volunteer who completed the regular season and has had no disciplinary action taken by TYFA throughout the current season.



Organizations need to send the required information to no later than November 15th of the current season.  Failure to complete the process will result in the disqualification of the nominee.

Your nomination should include at least the following information:

  • Describe the nominee’s year of service
  • Describe the contributions of the individual to TYFA, their organization and their community
  • Any other civic or charitable organizations/activities the volunteer is affiliated with
  • List of positions held
  • List notable committee assignments, project accomplishments etc.

List other activities (outside TYFA) in which the nominee currently participates or has participated in (other youth sports activities including but not limited to Little League, Babe Ruth, Girls Softball, civic activities, church and other projects, positions or affiliations.

Tell why this nominee should be given consideration for this award. Emphasize demonstrations of leadership, exemplary service, and specify situations of unique commitment to TYFA and the community

**** The Teague family is NOT interested in win and loss records, how much hardware a coach received or the number of years attending the playoffs. The family is looking for situations that make this nominee special and worthy of consideration for this award ****

Nominees can be football, cheer, board or supporting staff.



Only one winner will be selected. There will be no ties. The award can be won only once by an individual. However, organizations are encouraged to nominate an individual previously nominated, but not selected as Volunteer of the Year.

Patti and Mike Teague, parents of Joey Teague, will chair and appoint a selected committee of persons to review the submitted nominations and decide which volunteer they feel best represents their definition of a volunteer in relation to Joey’s volunteerism.



TYFA and the Teague family would love to present this award at one of the State Championship sites. If that is not possible, the Teague family would love to present the award in person at another time.  If that is not possible then a TYFA Black Shirt will present the award at a time convenient to the recipient. 



TYFA Volunteer of the Year Award Policy (.pdf)